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Feb. 28th, 2006

I thiiiink....

I think that I am going to make this journal friends-only. Not because I've got an influx of random people commenting or anything-- but I just would feel more secure if I didn't have to worry about whether or not someone MIGHT do this. Which means I haven't been posting personal stuff on account of that.

So, I guess this announcement is-- comment if you want to be a friend of mine and you read this journal. There are a few people (Sam, Lisa, Jake, Mandy, Jamie, there are a few more) who are automatically making it in whether or not they comment, because I read their journals and trust them, but if anyone else wants in...

Do say something!

Had a dream...

I (just, about 30 minutes ago) had a dream that consisted of many crazy things all together.

One: Apparently we were in a class, or at least a group of people that knew each other in a room. We had all donated money to buying a girl a birthday cake which was brought into the room along with a band playing where my uncle was singing the lead very badly.

Two: After the song, we decided to go as a class to another room where we saw ex-President Clinton! It was just us, him and a bodyguard of his. The girl I was walking with pushed against me to try and get out of the room, but I told her it didn't matter, we could just hear what he had to say--no matter how much I dispised him. Playing in the background was the Fortress music from Zelda: Wind Waker, as if it was 'official' music.

Three: Clinton had this to say to us: While he could have been a beneficial teacher, tying Buffy into an educational program, Joss Whedon had overstepped his bounds as our teacher and could no longer continue. This caused a couple girls to cry, though there was also one or two who had hated him as a teacher. One girl was lamenting because she could no longer play her clarinet for him. I was pissed off and told Clinton that he had upset a few people, and now we were mad. Yet, none of us knew exactly what bounds Joss had overstepped in his teaching. I thought that possibly it had been one person in the class that had complained about something stupid, not taking it light-hearted like Joss had intended it, and ruined everything for everyone else.

And then I woke up, and my first reaction was -relief- because Clinton hadn't fired Joss. And then I remembered that Joss doesn't teach any of my classes. ... Darn.


Feb. 26th, 2006

Thin mints should be illegal.

Feb. 23rd, 2006

I'm sitting here, and I smell dog breath.

You know. Sitting here in my dorms. In front of my computer. Chewing juicy fruit.

Dog breath.

Feb. 21st, 2006

My quote for the day: "A cat is a good companion when you want to be alone." ~Me

Just watched Sunshine on the Spotless Mind for the first time in months and months. It's such a good movie. GOD it's a good movie. It makes me happy. I've talked about this movie before, but-- I can't stop thinking about it for days after I see it.

I saw it in the theater, with Jamie, when it was in the theater. He'd heard it was good. It was really good in the theater. It... just makes you want to love someone. Not even in a sappy kissy chick-flick way, but in a warm-hearted feel-good LOVE way. You just want to hug them, be with them.

I mean, yea it's a chick flick, but.

Hey. By the way. Has anyone noticed how completely Jim Carrey my boyfriend is? Anyone? Especially in that movie. The hair. The beard. The funny. The cute puppy-dog thing.

I think that's another reason I like the movie. The relationship is so real to me.

Want to watch the special features, now. I've actually never seen them because SOMEONE has had the DVD forever.

Vagina Monologues

Just got back from the Vagina Monologues. It's very good. Our tickets were only $7, and it wasn't the BEST show ever, but it was worth the $7. I want to see it done by professionals.

My favorite one was the moaning one, which I think is a lot of people's favorites as I have heard it before.

I disliked the transexual one, but that might've been because of the actress who was doing it.

I also liked "My Angry Vagina", which was very true. What the fuck is up with shoving dry cotton up your vagina? Couldn't they come up with a better way? ;) Although, luckily, the applicator things are nice and smooth-like and it's not quite that bad.

The one with the old lady was awesome, too, though I suppose in all cases I wish the acting was better.

I think the play could've been much better had the people slowed down. That was the big thing. They just went went went. Like they were nervous for a speech-- except it was a narrative, and I'm sure they had plenty of practice.

*watches game trailers*

I want Zelda now. Zelda now. Zelda NOOOOW.


I can't wait.


My body hurts.


I hate the 80's. I hate the invention of this 'slide' thing. I have to sit with my legs spread out so that I don't hurt myself from bending them inward... because of the stupid 'slide' thing. Ow. Owwy. Owwyow. PEFWL (gym class) pht on you for making me hurt this much.

I'm also absolutely exhausted and feel like taking a nap, but I need a shower because of how much panting and sweating I did pretending to ski. Skiing is fun. Pretending to ski is not fun. I kept feeling like I was going to fall over, or accidentally do the splits.

I suppose, in other news, I have two roses now. One is from Jamie, the other is a cheap one I got yesterday from my friend, because they were on sale. It's not nearly as big and pretty as the one Jamie got me, and is actually already dying, the poor thing. I'm hanging it upsidedown to see if it will dry. I have some dried flowers at home, including my corsage from my senior prom.

Eeh. Have to go shower.


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